João Antunes

I'm a Computer Science Bachelor graduate from Lisbon Tech (IST), music lover, free time developer and hacker, who loves to build and learn.

Currently I'm a Software Engineer at YLD, coordinator at SINFO (biggest tech event in Portugal) and master's student at Lisbon Tech (IST).

I'm always in a good mood (even in sleep deprivation mode), so if you want to talk or just grab a beer (I may even pay if your worth it) feel free to contact me! Or, if you prefer, you may learn more about me wondering around this website which I made with <3 for you.

_>$ About me?

_>$ Software Engineer @ YLD

Currently I'm a Software Engineer @ YLD, helping our clients to build awesome projects while cultivating good software practices.

_>$ CS Student @ IST

I'm a Computer Science Bachelor from Técnico Lisboa. I'm currently enrolled in a master's program at IST also, working and studying at the same time.

Some of the projects I've developed to my classes include a 3D Arkanoid game using OpenGL and C++, a distributed file server system using Java and TCP/UDP sockets, a fill-a-pix puzzle solver in CLisp, a series of C graph searching algorithms, a highly concurrent content server in C using POSIX mutexes and semaphores and many, many other projects.

I've hosted a lot of this projects on GitHub. So check them out.

Algorithms & algorithm analysis
Computer Networks
Operating Systems
Agile & scrum methodologies

_>$ Node.JS engineer @ Muzzley

I was a NodeJS engineer @ Muzzley where I was tasked with building and maintaining the main HTTP REST API that served all the clients. My tasks included everything, from defining the needed databases and lower level models required for the domain logic, to building the actual HTTP services, including other micro services using various protocols such as ZMQ.

I've also worked in a number of other projects, including improvements to the real time message Core system using MQTT, integrations of other IoT devices, frontend development, big data processing using Hadoop, etc.

Micro Services

_>$ Developer

I'm always developing stuff in my free time and since I've discovered GitHub my account hasn't had much rest yet.

I love Open-Source and Javascript and some of the projects I've worked include:

  • An image processing tool that extracted RGB values and detected motion in videos (using OpenCV and Java).
  • A series of small Arduino projects around sound processing.
  • Contributor to the AmpersandJS core modules.
  • A series of modules for AmpersandJS which include:
  • EventDeck - a tool for managing events/conferences (from speakers, to sponsors, communications, etc.) built at SINFO using NodeJS, HapiJS, MongoDB and AmpersandJS. I've collaborated in all of the stack including support for real time notifications using
    This tool was used for the SINFO 22nd edition in 2015 supporting +300 speaker profiles, +600 companies/sponsors profiles, +1700 communications and +2500 comments.
  • Cannon Api - a RESTful API to be used during the SINFO 22 event, to manage attendees, user accounts, tickets, surveys, file uploads and an achievement system based on qr codes.
    This tool was used for the SINFO 22 in 2015 and SINFO 23 in 2016 supporting +1000 user accounts.
  • SINFO Webapp - a web application that fully supported the use of the EventDeck public API and Cannon API so that it could present to the attendees at SINFO realtime information on everything at the event.
    This tool was used for the SINFO 22 in 2015 and SINFO 23 in 2016.
  • Twitter Ego - A twitter follower scrapper using the twitter API. It started on a single user and saved the results on a MongoDB collection for later analysis. It was optimized to maximize the number of requests possible given the API rate limits and allowed to export the data into a .gexf file.
    This tool was used for an assignement of a class in my Master's Degree and allowed me to fetch, export and analyse a complex network of 367.671 nodes and 404.494 edges.
  • Redis Shelf - Maintainer and developer of a series of Redis projects based on a Object Document Mapper developed by us entitled Shelf. This tool allows us to define complex object models using Redis and its underlying performance. Related projects include a module used for defining user sessions using JWT.

My contributions also include other pull requests to a series of other projects so, for more info, check out my GitHub.


_>$ Musician

I love music in all its forms and shapes. From alternative, to electronic, to world music, I just love it! I've been playing guitar since I was 16 years old and I also compose, record and produce (or at least try) my music. I'm self taught in all of these (I know, cliché right?). If your curious about my work check out my SoundCloud.

As an engineer, I'm also a big fan of DYI so, as soon as I could, I've started to figure out how everything works and have been hacking musical instruments ever since. My current project on this field (besides my dream of building my own guitar) is a tuner built with an Arduino (it's still under development waiting for some free time).

Cubase SX3
Music DYI
Sound processing

_>$ Coordinator & Dev Team @ SINFO

SINFO is an annual non profit event organised exclusively by college students in the fields of Information Technology and Computer Science, one of the biggest of its kink in Europe and the biggest in Portugal. I'm part of the team that organized the 22nd and 23rd being currently working on the 24th.

I started on the Development Team, responsible for developing and maintaining our web site, web apps as well as any software/hardware related projects needed to support the event (for more info on these please see my developer info).

Currently, I'm Coodinator and integrate the team of 4 people reponsible for the whole organization, including managing, teams, budgets, contacts, etc. I still keep a close contact with the development team, working on software needs for the events as well as assuring the whole infrastructure needed for it runs accordingly (servers, web applications, etc.)

Besides all this, every member as the privilege to directly contact the speakers which he would like to see in the event (big international figures that some how made a mark in the tech world) as well as the companies that we need to support us. Giving us this way a big boost on our communication skills.

Event organization

_>$ Scout

I've been a member of the Portuguese Scout Association (AEP) since 2003 and during this last 12 years I've abeen responsible for various small groups (scout troops) being through the most diversified situations (survival and orienteering challenges, numerous hikes, etc.) where our organization and team work were key parts towards achieving our goals as a group. I've developed skills in the orienteering field, leadership, camp cooking, knots, first aid procedures and (my personal favorite) in the 'feel good' field!
I'm a scout chief since 2012 being partially for my scout group (helping managing it) and also for a group of children aged 7-10.

First aid